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There has been an ongoing discussion about profanity on a writers forum that I visit regularly (“Aspiring Writers on In my very unscientific poll of the comments, it looks like most writers think it’s ok (or good in some comments) unless you are writing childrens books.
In my personal reading, I find virtually no profanity in writing that is more than one hundred years old (although many of the writers of yesteryear wrote some pretty lurid prose). In the twentieth century profanity really began to be used in writing regularly although some of the books written today have no profanity.
The justification that most of the writers used for including profanity in their writing is that it would be impossible to be realistic if your character was a cop or sailor or thug, or, or, or… and didn’t constantly use profanity.
I would to love hear from people if they would like a book less where the cop or criminals or sailors or vampires or whoever, did not use any profanity, even if the story was good?

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  1. Norene says:

    I personally dropped a facebook friend because there was so much profanity. NO need for it, even sailors (swears like a sailor)—should respect their profession and selves more.

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