What keeps you reading?

If you read the following first page of a book, would you keep reading?

“So, great Utnapishtim, how do you live forever and ever? Can you let a mortal like me know the secret?”
“Oh, impatient Gilgamesh,” the Baal answered. “You need to learn much more before you are ready for these secrets. You have already lived for more than one hundred summers and you have not grown old. Keep learning and have patience; we will tell you everything in the right time.”
However, Gilgamesh had no patience, “Why do you keep these secrets from me and my people? Do you want to keep us as slaves? Are we not good enough to know these things?
“I can go to the village of Oueili and conquer the people there and bring them to you as slaves. Will I then be free to know the secrets?”
“Gilgamesh!” Utnapishtim exclaimed as sharply as a Baal could, and standing up to his full nine feet. “This question shows why you are not ready. Why would bringing slaves make us pleased with you? You and your people are not our slaves and we want no slaves from anywhere. We have always told you that when you have slaves your civilization will end in ruin.”
Shelly enjoyed listening to any of the Baal speak even if it was casual conversation but this was truly important. She may be able to listen in on lessons for living indefinitely. But first she had to find the correct time of that lesson.
Using the time observation techniques she had previously learned from the Baal, she continued to learn many new things about the powers of these amazing creatures. Ending her observation session, Shelly walked upstairs to join the OPT group for lunch.
“Well,” She said as she walked into the kitchen, “that Gilgamesh was sure determined to conquer and kill. The Baal just could not teach him how to deal with the power he had. It’s too bad he happened to live in that village at that time.”
“He isn’t the only one who wants to destroy.” Rob told her. “We just had a call from Rick and someone from the CIA wants to talk with us. It seems there is a problem in Iran and they need some help that they can’t get with their internal intelligence programs.”
“Yikes! What a way to start a week.” she exclaimed. “But we knew this would happen sooner or later. I was just hoping it would be much later.”
“I was too.” Alyssa groaned. “Sometimes I wish we could unlearn all of this stuff. I’m just not the right person to be a spy.”

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