new book!

This is an exciting day!  My collection  of short stories has been released.  Who would have thought that publishing a collection of short stories that were already written could be so much work?

First, reread and edit all of the stories.  Then design cover art,  now a title for the book is needed.  The short stories are all different so the only title that seemed to fit was “Collection” .  After a lot of head scratching and asking for help a final choice was made, “Strange Travels: Short Stories”.  I’m still not happy with it but I had to put something on it.

Then the job of preparing it for Amazon to publish.  Convert the file to Kindle format and then proof it in my Kindle.  Then modify it and convert again.  Repeat until it looks right.

Finally, run through the publish process and it’s done.  The book should be available tomorrow.

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