publishing an ebook

Publishing an ebook brings some mixed emotions.  Trying to publish a print book means selling yourself and the book to an agent and a publisher and if you don’t get through that then your book is dead before anyone reads it.

Publishing the ebook gets it out in front of a large audience quickly but then what is a success?  If ten people buy it and like it, is that a success?  How about one hundred?  One thousand?

Certainly in print publishing a thousand sales would be a failure.  With an ebook, getting one sale to a stranger and getting a good review could be considered a success.  Someone liked what you had created.  Financially a few thousand sales can be rewarding while that would still be a failure in print publishing.

To make a living publishing ebooks would require publishing many books and selling tens of thousands of every one.  I think my measure of success does not include making a living as a writer.  That would be very nice though.


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